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Vagina Down Coats

Photo: shot on iPhone

I'm sure these are warm, but I don't like the way they look and yet they're everywhere in Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach. These coats make women look like they're coming out of a vagina - all over again. Welp. 


The Early Morning Chatterboxes

Photo Credit: Ryan Casey-

One of the downsides to public transportation:

Nothing ruins peace and quiet while you're trying to sleep en route to work like two loud parakeets who look like Mrs. Doubtfire. Talking non-stop until the train literally screeches and drowns their obnoxious voices.



The Buddhist and Taoist Signs

Photo: shot on iPhone

That time when a monk lady scammed me for $5...
#namaste #consecrationofamoron #ImaDildo


The Graffiti Artist

Photo: shot on iPhone

Because it wouldn't be New York City without a talented graffiti artist!
** This made my day :)


The Seat Hogger

Photo: shot on iPhone

How big is someone's vagina or penis that it needs its own breathing space??


New York, New York

photo credit: Verbal Misdemeanors
You're never alone in New York. As you power-walk towards your office, you march to the beat of the garbage trucks honking their horns, being driven by burly Irishmen.

And then, you see your neighbors...a Caucasian female Meth Head with advanced formication sleeping next to her African American partner. Occasionally, they alternate signs: "Pregnant and Hungry" and "Homeless and Hungry."

They've made a nice bed for themselves here and can somehow sleep through the trucks that park right next to them to unload merchandise or prepare for construction on the building they are loitering next to.

Gotta give it to them though, it takes guts to leave your money out in the open like that.

New York, New York!