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Sports Guy

A random man is standing on the train, and a shaggy guy with unruly hair looks over at him and starts laughing. Then this psycho mess begins..

"You like sports? I love sports!"

(joker smile)

"Some people become really pissed off. I'm not pissed off. It's just shitty that people would rather spend $2000 on seat tickets for s shitty Knicks game instead of feeding starving children."

(still smiling joker-style)

"Complete bullshit. What about you? You take drugs? Pot? Nothing wrong with that!"

(gets off train. Guy he was talking to turns to a couple and says:)

"If he wasn't getting off at this stop, I was. Shit"  


The Black Evangelist Lady

Sometimes they look crazy and homeless, other times they come on the train and stand very poised, well-dressed and with a thundering voice. This one was the latter preaching:

And all of you think you're so smart and above everything but the Lord is the only One! You ain't never gonna see redemption until you find Jesus! And I call out to Him, "Help them, Lord! Help them see the way!" I know that's right. Kids these days. Wasn't like it used to be befo'. No ma'am not no more. Help them Jesus!


Crazy Homeless Lady

Old Russian Lady with pink Blossom hat, smeared lipstick and a giant mole on her left cheek talking to herself, and then turning towards the young Russian girl talking on her cell phone. The lady keeps waving her finger in disapproval as the young girl tries to ignore her and face the other way.

What was she saying? I don't have a clue but the occasional horrified look on the young girl's face tells me she was saying nasty things to her.

Four young black teenagers (12-15?), look at each other and then look the other way as they try to smile away the horror of witnessing this caliber of crazy.