By DavidCal


For those of you who have never visited New York, you haven’t been privy to the sweet stench and aromatic smells of homeless urine and basketball player B.O. (body odor).  Every New Yorker knows knows this about the city. If you're a woman, you have never felt more wanted; more desired then the time you sat on the train and had a stockbroker stand or lean so close in front you, that you can practically put his junk in your mouth *barf. But the REAL TREAT comes from conversations that you hear in passing.


This is my inventory of weird and sometimes scary excerpts of conversations that I hear when I’m sitting on the train on my way to work. Some excerpts are funny, some are sad, but most are really just testaments of our own self-absorption and narcissistic tendencies.



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DISCLAIMER: If by some twisted joke the Universe decides to pee on my head and let my employer find this blog, then let me just say:  the views on this blog and the potty-mouth verbiage are in no way expressed as the views of said employer; nor are my employer or prospective clients associated with this blog or its contents.  OK?